Shadiin Garcia is Chicana and Laguna Pueblo from New Mexico and has lived in Oregon for 16 years. She has worked for over 20 years as a teacher, as a public school administrator, researcher, a policy analyst, Indigenous education leader, and as a consultant. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Yale University in English with a specialization in education; a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and a PhD in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education from the University of Oregon.  Shadiin has a huge extended family including high school and elementary aged children, 59 first cousins, and 19 aunts and uncles.   

Shadiin's work centers on organizational change; culturally relevant and sustaining curriculum; diversity, equity, and belonging; educational and systemic equity; culturally appropriate research; and community driven systemic change. She served as the Deputy Director of Policy and Research at Oregon’s Chief Education Office where she helped develop a research agenda driven by culturally appropriate practices and Indigenous methodologies for improving key educational outcomes. She served as the Director of TeachOregon at the Chalkboard Project leading initiatives to diversify the educator workforce and improve teacher educator systems. With funding from Meyer Memorial Trust, she facilitates Oregon's statewide American Indian/Alaska Native Educational Professional Learning Community. Dr. Garcia serves on three boards: College Possible of Oregon, Women’s Foundation of Oregon, and Carry it Forward.

Through her work both professionally and personally, she has cultivated a network of amazing people who navigate across multiple systems and spaces - public, private, sovereign nations/tribes, non-profit, government, P-20, higher education and more.  She often collaborates within these networks of experts, thinkers, and advocates which bring multiple minds and approaches to bear on complex topics.  

In starting her own consultant business, she chose a name that is congruent with her values - sovereignty, solidarity, and community.  Shorelines reference a natural confluence of water and land. It evokes an ever-changing landscape that offers multiple access points to Oregon's stunning geography. She believes that like our shores, our systems of education and organizations must offer myriad opportunities and options for people that honor the unique interests, cultures, languages, and aspirations of each individual and/or community.   Shadiin uses that concept to ground her work -- by believing in co-constructing solutions grounded in equity and local context. 


Shoreline Consulting is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the Oregon Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID)

Services for any
Organizational Context

  • Facilitation – small and large group
  • Mission Development and Clarification
  • Strategic visioning and articulation
  • Vision Articulation
  • Conference Planning
  • Strength Based Community Engagement
  • Policy "Translation"
  • Program Development
  • Strategic Planning and assessments
  • Program Implementation
  • Equity Assessments
  • Structural, Systemic, and Organizational Racism
  • Privilege, Power, and Positionality
  • Social Justice
  • Landscape Scans
  • Operationalizing Equity
  • Writing (reports, op-eds, one-pagers)
  • Implicit Bias in Hiring and Retention
  • Organizational Climate
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Culturally Appropriate Research and Program Evaluation
  • Board Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Network leveraging
  • Speech Writing
  • Motivational Speaker


  • Facilitating Professional Development
  • Culturally Relevant, Responsive, and Sustaining Pedagogy and Content
  • Intensive Coaching and Counsel to District Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Harnessing Student and Family Voice
  • Racial Consciousness Building
  • Developing Climate and Curriculum Initiatives
  • Work/Focus Group Facilitation
  • Family/Community Engagement and Outreach Support
  • Critical Practices for Anti-bias education
  • Facilitating Critical Conversations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Advancing College/school-level Efforts to Diversity Faculty and Staff
  • Developing and Implementing Institutional Strategies, initiatives and communications regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Educator Preparation Content Development
  • Educator Preparation Program Guidance
  • Educator Licensing Guidance
  • Pre-service Teacher Professional Development
  • American Indian/Alaska Native Educational Practices

Shoreline Consulting services are applicable to a wide range of contexts, including:

K-12 schools • Institutions of higher education • Non-profit organizations • Community organizing efforts • Sovereign Nations/Tribes • City government • Elected officials • Rural leaders • Philanthropy • State government systems • Cross-sector systems

Shoreline Consulting believes in harnessing the strengths and assets that already exist in your organization, community or partnership and building from there. We co-construct solutions and strategies that align with your goals, and leverage the voices, perspective, and wisdom of those who stand to benefit.  

Over the past year, I have worked closely with Shadiin in UVM’s Leadership for Sustainability Master’s Program as well as a variety of other organizational change initiatives (equity assessments, organizational coaching, and more).   In that time, I’ve witnessed her exceptional gifts and skills as a facilitator, educator, thinker, coach, and public speaker.  Her work is grounded in relationship and love, and she is just as adept at creating conditions for personal transformation as she is at designing complex organizational change initiatives and strategies.  By centering relationship and taking a strength-based stance, her work has enduring transformative effects at personal, organizational and systemic levels.  (I have witnessed this in her work with other individuals/organizations and in myself!)  Her work is guided by her incredible intellect, enormous heart, and fierce commitment to an equitable future.
— Matt Kolan, University of Vermont
Through Shadiin’s facilitation, she brings balance to many realities: struggle and joy, challenging learning and laughter, systems thinking for solutions. Her teaching style is highly relational which keeps it engaging and inspiring, and I particularly value how she co-creates learning environments that genuinely value peer learning.
— Graduate Student, University of Vermont
For me, there is a delineation in my professional work before and after working with Shadiin. She adeptly, kindly, unflinchingly facilitated me in developing deeper understanding of equity and ability to more clearly see the world around me, while also giving me tools to keep growing in my learning and efficacy for years to come. Her work is so far beyond the surface of addressing symptoms, it is foundational and asked me to shift my way of thinking and being far beyond my professional life. Plus, she is a lot of fun to be around- funny, warm, a tremendous storyteller. She has a way of asking a one sentence question that bounces around in your head for weeks after and slowly works on you.
— Graduate Student, University of Vermont
I have attended MANY PD sessions on the topic of equity and sometimes it feels like the same presentation over and over.  But Shadiin provided new insights and perspectives, plus so many specific examples.
— Participant, Oregon Community Foundation's Studio to School Initiative 
This was my favorite equity training I’ve ever attended. I will absolutely be switching my mindset from a deficit to a strength based approach.
— Participant, Oregon Community Foundation's Studio to School Initiative 
Working with Shadiin is a great experience. I was very impressed with her ability to grasp complex issues in a short amount of time, and even more impressed in watching her skill in navigating through difficult subject matter with multiple stakeholders. Shadiin has the unique ability to work effectively within Indian Country and outside it to create an environment of mutual respect, fresh ideas, and positive outcomes. I would highly recommend working with Shadiin, not just because of her talent, but also because she is just flat out fun, and that is not always the case with consultants these days!
— Justin Martin, Perseverance Strategies, Inc

Testimonies about a statewide American Indian/Alaskan Native Professional Learning Shadiin facilitates:

This Professional Learning Community is the only place in my professional life where I can look around the room and see professionals that have been on a similar journey as myself. I can learn about their perseverance and the work that they are doing to lift up our Oregon Native American students and families.
— Melissa Schachner, Administrator in Portland Public Schools
This PLC is an important source of information, but also support in the difficult moments we all experience educating educators, administrators and others the importance of equity for our children.  I look forward to each and every meeting, not only to see each of the members, but to be in a room of like minded AI/AN people whom I do NOT have to explain the nuances of who we are as people in this Oregon education system, but who know how difficult the road is. Our discussions are deep, sometimes painful and always important. Bottom line: I do not have to explain why I advocate for our children the way I do to these beautiful people.  It is like having another family and I’m always grateful to be with each of them each time.
— Lynn Anderson, Salem Keizer School District
The people of this PLC group have given me a huge gift of recognition of me in my “Indian-ness”. I spend most of my days in a remote and isolated part of the state (South Coast) where my first culture is unfamiliar to most people in the schools and across the communities around me. The intrinsic recognition of a culturally unique value system by my PLC family has laid a foundation for me where it is possible to think Indian and feel safe discussing important topics such as the education system and our children. The social validation of who I am and the opportunity to speak with others of our group, speaking of our culture as an alive dynamic system of living has given me great strength. It has encouraged me to aim for improved inclusion of our culture in the workings and teachings of our education systems.
— Darcy Grahek, Bandon School District

Project Examples

Sampling of Current Work

Sampling of Previous Work


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Peter Tromba has worked in the educational arena for 30 years as a teacher, a public school principal, school district office administrator, and state policy research director. He has a BS from the University of Maryland and a MEd from the University of OR and he has three amazing children.  Peter's work centers on the transformational nature of teaching and learning, the responsibility of privilege and how to be an effective partner, leadership and organizational development to support culturally sustaining pedagogy, innovation and creativity, and research that meaningfully affects policy and practice to support deeper learning more equitable outcomes. He most recently served at the Oregon Education Investment Board/Chief Education Office as Interagency Policy Research Director.  He is currently the Principal of Spencer Butte Middle School in Eugene, OR

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Specializing in education evaluation, learning outcomes assessment, community engaged learning, and working with difference has led me to the Pacific Northwest where I support a range of projects in varying educational contexts through my consulting business. As a skilled facilitator and educational innovator, I take great pride in collaborative projects that support the enhancement and evolution of teaching and learning. I earned my Master of Science (M.S.) focused in Ecological Teaching and Learning from Lesley University and, like the title of my degree, I strive to align my love for the environment and natural resources with my efforts to create conditions for transformative learning.

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I've spent my career articulating a case for a strong, equitable education system and opportunities for children and families. I've supported successful advocacy efforts with talking points and one-pagers. I've facilitated meetings of award-winning educators. I've launched education policy blogs. I've created a learning community of communicators. I take my work seriously and I try to have as much fun as possible.  I’ve been called diplomatic, but I think it is more accurate to say I’m relentlessly empathetic. I’m constantly thinking about how my words will be interpreted, how others’ needs and experiences might shape their perceptions, how the mood of a room might impact the meeting goals. All of these things matter in people-centric work, which means they matter when it comes to achieving the outcomes you desire. I'm also called Momma, partner, karaoke-club member, chocolate-lover, storyteller, and podcast enthusiast.

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Dr. Johnny Lake is an international consultant, trainer and speaker certified in programs respecting leadership, diversity, community-building, cross-cultural communication and interactions skills, equity and ethics for youth and adults. He consults with government, professional and educational agencies and organizations. He is an Administrator on Special Assignment with the Eugene 4J school district and an advocate for needs of at-risk youth and provides teacher training institutes and student learning and leadership opportunities. Dr. Lake is an internationally recognized writer and storyteller. Dr. Johnny Lake holds a bachelor's degree in history from Willamette University. He has a Masters in educational leadership and administration and received his Ph.D. in educational leadership, policy, management and organization. Dr. Lake is a former chairman of the State of Oregon Commission on Black Affairs.



Jeneen Hartley is a consultant for foundations, education institutions, nonprofit organizations, and community-led efforts throughout the United States. Jeneen is a systems entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as a program developer, implementer, facilitator, and organizational coach in the public and private sectors. She has worked extensively in foundations, where she helped launch several family foundations and philanthropic initiatives focused on systems transformation in the fields of education, human services, community development, and medicine. Jeneen draws on her work from the field where key projects included starting the first charter school in rural Lee County, Florida, reforming auxiliary out-of-school time programs at an urban PreK-12 school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, coordinating the launch of joint leadership fellowship between Harvard’s Business School and Kennedy School of Government, and advocating for effective National legislation as staff of the Human Needs Coalition in Washington D.C. She currently serves on the Governor appointed Oregon Youth Development Council and presents on education, behavioral health, and philanthropy throughout the United States. Jeneen holds an Ed.M. degree from Harvard University and a dual B.A. in Racial Studies and Studio Arts from Saint Olaf College. She lives in Umpqua, Oregon on a ranchette with her two horses.

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Marissa Barbieri is a lifelong Vermont resident who has dedicated her professional life to fostering the conditions for youth to thrive in her home state and beyond.  Her practice is rooted in the knowledge that communities small and large can thrive when the strengths, skills, and perspectives contained within them are known, appreciated, and called upon.  Adept in School Reform Initiative collaborative practices with a background in place-based learning and Education for Sustainability, she has partnered with folks ranging from middle school students to district leadership in creating opportunities for transformative conversations.  Marissa has worked extensively in the realm of relational philanthropy, connecting humanizing learning practices with grantmaking strategy across the state of Vermont. A graduate of Saint Michael’s College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Philosophy, she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Leadership for Sustainability at the University of Vermont.


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